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Here's what people are saying about Kat Turner

  • “Kat is a great artist. She’s done amazingly accurate portraits of my grandkids from just pictures. Her work is good and worth every penny. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

    — Kieth T

  • “Kat did a wonderful pastel piece of my beautiful daughter. She was able to capture my child’s personality through her bright blue eyes, curly hair, and body posture. This is truly a piece that my husband and I will treasure forever. Thank you so much Kat!”

    — Stephanie W

  • “We loved the beautiful drawing Kat did to memorialize our dog, Rex. She perfectly captured his personality with a timeless and beautiful piece that makes us happy every time we look at it. Kat is an incredible artist and puts true feeling and personalization into the work she does.”

    — Audry M and her fiance

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