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Kat Turner Fine Art

African Bobcat Kittens

African Bobcat Kittens

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These three little guys are showing different emotions. The guy on the right seems confident, the center one somewhat timid, and the one on the left looks like he may be angry. Just three of the many emotions we all feel from time to time. The original piece was done in Soft Pastels on UArt paper, and has already found its new home. However, signed prints are still available.



-Your choice of 5x7” ($20), 8x10” ($30), 11x14”($45)

-Printed on Natural Watercolor Cotton Fine Art Paper

-Signed on the back

-Shipped flat between cardboard to retain its shape

-Purchase does not transfer copyright to buyers

-Your monitor may show a brighter or darker display of my artwork. I inspect each print for color and clarity that closely matches my original work.


COPYRIGHT ©2023 Kathryn Turner

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